Scrum for Hardware, The Book

The book with the stories of the Scrum for Hardware pioneers: from Wikispeed to the first Scrum for Hardware Gathering and the Agile Product Charter.


The first book about Scrum for Hardware, available under Creative Commons on Leanpub. The book is divided in two parts: the first one is composed by the stories, and the second one include the full methodological description with the engineering practices. It includes also real case study and suggestions on how to implement it in your company.

This book support WIKISPEED. 50% of the fees goes to the project.


«This book is the first significant publication on the topic, the most complete and authoritative. If the Agile transformation of the Software industry has any parallels outside software, and if the current client adoption rate is any indication, this book will be the reference for executives, shop floor managers, and team members globally.» Joe JusticeCreator of Scrum for Hardware and eXtreme Manufacturing