Wikispeed Build Party – August 2016

Wikispeed Build Party: how to use Scrum for Hardware to build an ultra efficient 100Mpg car.

The WikiSpeed Build Party has been planned the day after the Scrum for Hardware Gathering. The designed place was Hubert Smits garage in Erie, Colorado.

Security Briefing
Security Briefing with Joe Justice

We organized in Scrum Team of 5 people, each one with a Scrum Master and a Product Owner, and our host Hubert as Chief Product Owner. The Sprint length was one day, until 5pm. We planned the daily meeting at lunch time.

During the Sprint Planning the Teams pulled item from the Product Backlog: one team worked on the car shell, one in the interior of the car, one team on the suspensions and another in the frontal where there are the steering mechanism and the breaks. The Sprint goal was to have the veichle on his wheels with breaks and steering working. We also decided to integrate at the end of the daty with the car shell which needed some fixes from damages occurred during the transporation.

The whole day is documented in the following Storify:

More photos of the day:

Security Briefing IMG_20160827_145923 P1020020 IMG_20160827_164747 IMG_20160827_164126 IMG_20160827_164021 IMG_20160827_152141 P1020040  P1020051 P1020062 P1020074 p1020060-e1473174057501b

At the end of the Sprint we had the review, where we inspected the vehicle and then the retrospettive, in which we discussed how to improve the next Build Party.

See you at the next Wikispeed Build Party!

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