I° Scrum for Hardware Gathering

Scrum for Hardware Gathering: The first international meeting of Scrum practitioners in the field of tangible products.

The first Scrum for Hardware Gathering has been held the 25 and 26 August 2016 in Boulder, Colorado, inside the historic Hotel Boulderado.  The Hotel Boulderado was the location of the secondo Scrum Gathering back in 2004 and the place where has been discussed the idea of creating the Scrum Alliance (we can read it this in the blogpost by Rachel Davies).

Boulderado Hotel

During the two days, we focussed in the differences between Scrum in Software and in Hardware and about the experiences and the success case around the world. This was the agenda for the two days:

Thursday August 25, 2016

Venerdì 26 Agosto 2016

At the end we took a photo of the participants in the same place used for the final photo for the II° Gathering of the 2004.

Scrum for Hardware Gathering